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Postings on the proposed One Paseo, San Diego project by Kilroy at the corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Road

Where to find One Paseo Info?

Visit the "What Price Main Street?" site for information on the One Paseo project. Sure, the developer has their own website (, but it only contains marketing information. For a better understanding of the real impacts, is your best bet.

Note: This page and it's information are not affiliated with the CV Planning Board.

CV Planning Board split, No recommendation - Jan 2016

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board (CVCPB) voted on the One Paseo project at the January 2016 special meeting. The result was split, with 5 FOR the project and 5 AGAINST the project. One Paseo will now move forward to the Planning Commission and the City Council without a formal recommendation from the community, but those groups will likely understand that the project is still contentious within the community. The Planning Commission hearing will likely be in late February or early March.

Additional information can be found at the CV Planning Board Page on this site, or on the City's Carmel Valley community planning page.

CV Planning Board Special Meeting - One Paseo

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board (CVCPB) will hold a SPECIAL Meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Cathedral Catholic High School, 5555 Del Mar Heights Road. The Agenda is attached here. This special meeting will have a single item, to consider the updated proposal for the One Paseo project.

Kilroy and the CVCPB have held a number of community workshops on updating the One Paseo plans. Information on those workshops can be found on the website. Specifically, scroll down to the PROJECT RESOURCES section, where the 9/24 Presentation has the most current update. You can also download the 9/24 Presentation by clicking on the link here.

Additional information can be found at the CV Planning Board Page on this site, or on the City's website at the Carmel Valley, San Diego Community Page.

One Paseo Workshop, Submit Comments Online

The One Paseo August 19th Workshop information is now available online, as a Virtual Workshop (click here.) You can read through the information and submit your comments now through September 2, 2015. So, if you didn't make the meeting, here is your chance.

The online information includes a video of the presentation on the main page, a copy of the presentation (click here) that was given, and a copy of the station boards that were presented at the meeting.

The station boards (click here) include three different conceptual plans, all of which are very similar at first glance. The Planning Board would like your input on these plans, and would like to hear what you like (or don't like!) about them. Of course, if you have better ideas about how the project should be organized, please let the board know via drawings or written descriptions.

Design Option A includes a more private, enclosed residential area, a shopping center with two parking lots (on Del Mar Heights and on El Camino Real), and office buildings oriented with more space toward El Camino Real. Options B and C use a different residential layout, that is more open to the public and less linear along the street fronts. Options B and C also angle the office buildings "down in the middle", the opposite of Option A. This gives more public space in the middle of the project, but moves the offices closer to the street. Finally, Option B has a larger store in the retail section, along Del Mar Heights. This might be a market or some other large tennant. Options B and C have a single parking structure along Del Mar Heights, which is mostly underground (the top of the structure is even with the retail stores.) Option A has retail parking in multiple surface lots, with some underground parking beneath the retail.

Some of the plans have retail areas that cross into the office section or into the residential section. However, none of the designs include residential in the main retail area, nor do they include retail in the offices.

Remember, submit your comments before September 2, 2015!

One Paseo Community Workshop, Monday, July 13, 2015

There will be a One Paseo Community Workshop on July 13, 2015 at the Marriott Del Mar on El Camino Real. Here is your chance to express your concerns and desires about a redesigned One Paseo project. Visit the workshop any time between 4:00 and 7:00 pm to review information, talk with the project team and provide feedback.

The official flier (link here) reads: "Please join us at the One Paseo Community Workshop to have direct Q&A in small group and one-on-one settings with members of the Project Team in the areas of: traffic, community character, off-site improvements and more. Your input is important to us. Visit the workshop any time to review information, talk with the project team, participate in several interactive workstations, and provide feedback."

Again, the event is on Monday, July 13, 2015 from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the Marriott Del Mar (11966 El Camino Real.) It is more of an open house, so arrive any time and stay as long as you want. There will be TWO organized presentations, at 4:30 pm AND 6:30 pm (same information at both presentations, your choice of time.) Parking will be validated. Questions? EMail

One Paseo City Council Hearing, Monday, May 18, 2015

The Protect San Diego's Neighborhoods coalition is looking for you to attend the One Paseo Hearing, where the City Council will determine if they overturn their previous approval of the One Paseo development, or if they send the issue to the voters. For Carmel Valley, it would be best if the project was overturned right now, rather than having to wait another year for a decision.
The hearing is being held on Monday, May 18 at 1 p.m. at Golden Hall, located at 202 C Street in Downtown San Diego (adjacent to the City Administration Building). The Coalition says, "Help us defeat THIS One Paseo once and for all by attending the hearing and wearing red (including your No on One Paseo t-shirt and button)!"

CV Planning Special One Paseo Meeting, Sept 11

A SPECIAL meeting of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board to discuss One Paseo and provide a final recommendation to the City Council. Meeting on Thursday, September 11, 2014 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Canyon Crest Academy Theater, 5951 Village Center Loop Rd. This meeting will only include a Discussion of the FEIR for the proposed One Paseo project.Additional information can be found at the CV Planning Board Page on this site, or on the City's website at the Carmel Valley, San Diego Community Page.

CV Planning Board Aug 28 Meeting - One Paseo

A SPECIAL meeting of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board to take community input on One Paseo. Meeting on August 28, 2014 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Canyon Crest Academy Theater, 5951 Village Center Loop Rd. This meeting will only include a Discussion of the FEIR for the proposed One Paseo project. Additional information can be found at the CV Planning Board Page on this site, or on the City's website at the Carmel Valley, San Diego Community Page.

One Paseo article in Carmel Valley News

The Carmel Valley News is covering the upcoming One Paseo meeting on August 28, 2014 (7pm at the CCA Theater, 5951 Village Center Loop Road.) Read their take on the story, and consider attending the meeting to give your opinion!

One Paseo FEIR now available online!

The One Paseo FEIR is now available online! Just visit the One Paseo FEIR Page (sorry, it's on the WhatPriceMainStreet? site, the only place it's available.) Note that some of the files are HUGE, and that I'm working on splitting them up into smaller parts. For now, you'll have to download some big files to read Kilroy's information.

For what it's worth, the One Paseo Findings - Statement of Overriding Considerations document is the overview document, and an attempt by the City to justify placing the project in Carmel Valley, even with all of the impacts. Read that document to see what they're thinking.

One Paseo Final EIR available, meeting scheduled

The Final One Paseo Environmental Report (EIR) has been released, and a Public Comment meeting scheduled. Councilmember Sherri Lightner has released the following statement (edited here for length, emphasis mine), saying: "On Thursday, August 28 at 7 p.m., the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board will be holding a meeting to discuss the One Paseo project Final Environmental Impact Report. Residents and business owners are encouraged to review the document at the Carmel Valley Library. If you provided comments on the Draft EIR, you should have received an email notification today. You will also be receiving via U.S. mail a CD of the final EIR. If you did not provide comments but would like a copy of the Final EIR on CD, please contact Martha Blake in Development Services at and provide your name and complete mailing address. The CD will be sent to you via U.S. mail. As always, please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns, or if our office may be of assistance with any other issue. Best Regards, Sherri S. Lightner, Council President Pro Tem, District 1, City of San Diego."

One Paseo EIR coming Friday, Aug 1, 2014?

We've heard the Final One Paseo Environmental Report (EIR) is going to be released this weekend, possibly Friday, Aug 1, 2014 (although it's been delayed before!) Also, the local Planning Board hearing will likely be on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Please plan on attending this important meeting.

One Paseo meeting NOT in July 2014

One Paseo will NOT be on the CV Planning Board agenda in July, as the Environmental Report is not yet complete. Additional news will be posted when available. For more information on the planning board and its subcommittees, see the CV Planning Board Page on this site.

CV Planning Board's Latest One Paseo Comments

I got a copy of the latest comments from the CV Planning Board on the One Paseo project, comments from December related to the Recirculated DEIR. In my opinion, the Planning Board's comments seem to question the very foundations of Kilroy's arguments! Some quotes from the letter: "There are many successful mixed-use projects that are much smaller... than One Paseo", "the traffic congestion associated with this proposal... would make [Carmel Valley]... less functional, less desirable, and less easily accessible", and finally, "...One Paseo is not intended as a heart for Carmel Valley but, rather, as a regional retail draw similar to The Forum in Carlsbad." Give it a read and see what you think.

CV Planning Board One Paseo Final Hearing?

The CV Planning Board announced that it will hold a hearing on the final One Paseo Environmental Report on Thursday, July 24, 2014 (possibly at the CCA Auditorium.) UPDATE 7/14/2014: Canceled. The environmental report is not yet ready, so this meeting will be rescheduled based on the completion of the document. This meeting is meant to allow the public to comment on Kilroy's latest plans for One Paseo before the Planning Board makes its final decision (possibly on July 31.) The only problem? The Environmental Report isn't available yet! That means you can't actually see the document, and there's barely 2 weeks left to review a multi-thousand page document before the board hears the issue! For additional information on the planning board and its subcommittees, see the CV Planning Board Page on this site.

One Paseo meeting, Aug 8, 2013

The CV Planning Board will hold a Meeting to allow Kilroy to present the community benefits related to the One Paseo project. Kilroy is required to show how the development provides an extraordinary public benefit to the community or the City. Sufficient time will be allocated to community members to question the value of those benefits, and especially their cost in terms of increased traffic congestion, out of scale building heights and densities etc.. The meeting is Thursday, August 8, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Ocean Air Elementary School, 11444 Canter Heights Dr.

CV Planning Board May 24 Meeting at the CV Middle School

CV Planning MapThe Carmel Valley Planning Board has announced that the May 24, 2012 meeting will be at the Carmel Valley Middle School located at 3800 Mykonos Lane, San Diego, CA 92130 in the Performing Arts Center at 7:00 pm. That's good, because the larger venue will allow additional people to attend, although the parking at the Middle School can be terrible. Arrive early to find a parking spot! I don't have the agenda yet, but at least the board's One Paseo DEIR comment letter will be heard. I'll post the information when it's available. I encourage everyone to learn more about this project, both at the developer's One Paseo site, which paints a rosy view, and at the "What Price Main Street" site, which is concerned about impacts to the community.

Sign the One Paseo Petition, Vote for a smaller alternative!

One PaseoNearly 300 people have signed the One Paseo Petition in the last week because they believe this project is too big for Carmel Valley. We are not against development, but the project should fit into the community, and shouldn't punish existing residents with gridlock, overly tall buildings, park impacts and more. Kilroy has consistently misrepresented this project to the community to gain support, showing images of the limited open space and few low-rise buildings, where the vast majority of the buildings are 5 stories or taller! Join us at, or sign our Online Petition at -- we're working to create a better Carmel Valley.

CV Planning Board's Regional Issues, May 2, 2012

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board's Regional Issues Subcommitte will meet on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 4:30 pm at the Carmel Valley Library. I haven't seen the actual agenda, but I understand that the entire meeting will be to discuss the One Paseo DEIR. Additional information on the planning board and its subcommittees can be found at the CV Planning Board Page on this site. UPDATE: Agenda is now attached.

One Paseo DEIR Community Meetings

There are two meetings this week to review the One Paseo Draft Environmental Report (DEIR): The Carmel Valley Recreation Council will meet on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center to discuss the Recreation Element of the DEIR. This will only deal with how the project will impact local parks and sports groups. The Planning Board's Regional Issues Subcommittee will meet on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the Carmel Valley Library to discuss the full DEIR. NOTE: Commenting on the DEIR is a technical discussion looking for errors and omissions in the DEIR Document itself. While everyone is welcome to attend, please plan to comment ONLY if you've read all or part of the DEIR and have an issue with it's contents.

What One Paseo Should Be!

The Village Carmel Valley Deserves

Carmel Valley wants a village, but is only being offered a mixed-use urban mall. The General Plan says we're supposed to be a "Community Village", and Kilroy tells us that One Paseo is in line with this, but examples seem to show otherwise. Examples of Community Villages include the Uptown District in Hillcrest, or the downtowns of La Mesa, Oceanside, La Jolla and Encinitas.

So what do these look like? Well, you're probably familiar with La Mesa, La Jolla, Oceanside or Encinitas, but what about the Uptown District? The Uptown District in Hillcrest is pictured at the start of this posting, pretty great, huh?! That's exactly what I want in Carmel Valley, it looks like a village! And the EPA, on their own website (visit the site), touts the Uptown District as a successful, high-density development:

...The project, a successful 14-acre mixed-use, high-density development in the city's Hillcrest neighborhood, ... combines a mix of uses, including 318 homes, 145,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, and a 3,000-square-foot community center. The residential density is over 20 units per acre, far more than the city average of less than 3 units per acre...

This village has everything we want and meets all the requirements of Smart Growth!

So, why do we need the density of One Paseo if this is also a great example of smart growth? I believe we should demand a village that looks more like these other example areas (the Uptown District, or the downtowns of La Jolla, Oceanside, Encinitas or La Mesa.) This would be more appropriate to Carmel Valley.

Again, my opinion. What do you think?

Has Kilroy misrepresented One Paseo to the public?

If you look at what Kilroy has shown to the community to garner support for One Paseo, I believe it significantly misrepresents the true nature of the complete project. Sure, building sizes are called out in overhead views, and there is an occasional rendering that includes a large tower in the distance, but the majority of the imagery provided to the community consists of marketing views of low-rise buildings and idealized street scenes. This article outlines my concerns.

Why does it matter if Kilroy has misrepresented the project to the community? Because the Community Plan Amendment Process requires significant support from the community to justify approval of the amendment. If Kilroy is really misrepresenting the project to the community, shouldn't support for One Paseo be considered suspect? After all, support for One Paseo should be based on a realistic representation of the entire project.

Here's a typical view that Kilroy shows of the project:

Kilroy's picture of the project

While the Kilroy view may be technically correct for this part of the central plaza, the vast majority of the project doesn't look anything like it. From Kilroy's picture, we get the feeling of a two-story development with an occasional tower in the distance. In reality, this central block has the only two story buildings in the development, yet most of the pictures show views of this central core, leaving out the residential blocks and the residential tower.

Here's a view of what the residential blocks might actually look like, taken of the La Jolla Crossroads development near UTC:

La Jolla Crossroads, like One Paseo on Del Mar Heights Road

The picture of La Jolla Crossroads is more like what Del Mar Heights Road will look like with the completion of One Paseo. The picture shows a 5 story residential block, similar to the 4, 5 and 6 story buildings that will line Del Mar Heights Road.

Even in the DEIR, Kilroy has managed to provide views that minimize the scale of the project. The one rendering that might have realistically shown the impact of the 10 story residential tower, taken from the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and High Bluff Drive, conveniently crops out the 10 story tower!

The reality of One Paseo is acres of tall residential blocks that loom over the adjacent streets and block the views of nearby residents. The reality is a 10 story residential tower at the highest point on the property, where the top of the tower is the highest point in the development. The reality is a development that is totally out of scale with the surrounding community.

These articles are my opinion. If there are factual errors, let me know and I'll correct them!

Who are the Main Street Ambassadors?

Searching for the Main Street Ambassadors? Come to our site to learn more about One Paseo and it's impact to the Carmel Valley Community in San Diego!

What is this new group, anyway? It appears they have some professional resources, having created a website with beautiful graphics and sent out mailers to the community with questionnaires and pre-paid return postage. Phew, I wish I had money to do that marketing! A local website says the Main Street Ambassadors is "composed of local residents, businesses, service clubs and other individuals" who support the project. Who do you suppose these mysterious "other individuals" are? They're not residents, businesses or service clubs...

While groups like this provide us with quick, feel-good blurbs extracted from Kilroy's marketing materials ("1700 new jobs!", "traffic improvement!", "walkable design!", etc.), they ignore the reality of the project and the true impact on the community. Just think about the actual impact of One Paseo:

  • Sure, new jobs, but that brings 25,000 to 30,000 new cars onto our local streets! (Kilroy says 20,000 to 25,000) The traffic impact is so significant that Kilroy will be required to make improvements miles away, such as a traffic signal near Carmel Del Mar school and street widening on Via de la Valle!
  • The DEIR only mentions signal timing in an appendix, I don't see it as a mitigation measure. If the traffic improvement through Signal Timing was so effective, why isn't it listed in the DEIR as a mitigation measure for all the traffic that this project will generate? If the City had evidence that this would actually help, I suspect it would be listed. Note that San Marcos, a city that has used this system, has found that there was little or no benefit when the streets were near capacity (like Del Mar Heights is already!)
  • I'll admit that One Paseo has lots of parking, more than the San Diego Convention Center! Remember that this parking is all in parking structures, which are have a hard time managing lots of traffic (imagine trying to park when you're stuck behind some slowpoke trying to find a space.)
  • One Paseo may be walkable inside the development, but not from the outside. Are you going to walk from your house when you visit this shopping mall? Not likely. Very few of Carmel Valley's 13,000 residences are within easy walking distance, probably only a few hundred.

The reality of One Paseo is an oversized urban mall that's not appropriate for a suburban village. Sure, new groups can form that claim this is the best thing ever, but the reality doesn't live up to the hype. How about someone proposes a smaller-scaled suburban village, something that actually fits into Carmel Valley!

These articles are my opinion. If there are factual errors, let me know and I'll correct them!

CV Planning Board Meeting and One Paseo

The Carmel Valley Planning Board (CVCPB) will be meeting on Thursday, April 26, 2012 for what may be the only regular meeting before they approve the CVCPB's comment letter on the One Paseo DEIR. If you're interested in the project and want to comment or just hear what's happening, this might be a good meeting to attend.

The CVCPB meeting is Thursday, 4/26 at 7:00pm at the Carmel Valley Library. Parking is very limited, so arrive early and plan on parking on the street (behind the Town Center) or in the Solana Pacific school parking lot.

One Paseo Environmental Report Comment Period Extended

The One Paseo DEIR Review period has been extended to 60 days, until May 29, 2012. Find the Environmental Report Online here! You may submit your comments in writing to: Martha Blake Environmental Planner, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501 San Diego, CA 92101. You may email comments to: The email subject line should read: "One Paseo DEIR Comments (Project No. 193036/SCH No. 2010051073)". The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board (CVCPB) will be reviewing the DEIR and the One Paseo project during public community meetings (For information on the CVCPB, see After the CVCPB makes its final recommendation, the City of San Diego Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the DEIR and the project. Lastly, the San Diego City Council will hold a public hearing to make a final decision on the DEIR and the project.

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