I-5/SR-56 Interchange Project DEIR Comment Period

Submitted by ken on Mon, 06/11/2012 - 17:04

With all the fuss about One Paseo, the I-5/SR-56 Interchange Project has managed to sneak by with very little notice. This is a project that will have a major impact on the area, and deciding which alternative gets built will not only cause direct impacts to homes along the freeway, but will also cause indirect traffic impacts, as more cars use Del Mar Heights Road or Via de la Valle. For an overview of the project, see the I-5/SR 56 Interchange Project page, or dive right into the Interchange Project DEIR. The good news is that this DEIR is much better organized than the One Paseo document. The bad news? You only have until July 2, 2012 to submit comments. Complete information on submitting comments is available at the I-5/SR 56 Interchange Project page.