CVCPB Information

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The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board (CVCPB) is a group of elected volunteers who meet monthly to review and to evaluate proposed development plans and issues affecting the entire Carmel Valley, Pacific Highlands Ranch (PHR), Flower Hill and the Future Urbanizing Area communities. Serving in an advisory capacity, the CVCPB offers specific comments, recommendations and decisions to the City of San Diego's Department of City Planning & Community Investment, Planning Commission and City Council. The CVCPB has direct involvement with city, county and local law enforcement agencies.

Agendas, Bylaws, Maps & Documents

Regular Meetings are now on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Carmel Valley Library. The CVCPB Documents Page has bylaws, maps, community plans, and more.

To contact the board, get copies of meeting minutes or other records, or get on the agenda, please contact:

Mailing Address: Carmel Valley Community Planning Board
Attn: Allen Kashani, CVCPB Secretary
13400 Sabre Springs Pkwy, Ste. 200
San Diego, CA 92128
858 - 794 - 2571 / Fax: 858 - 794 - 2599
Frisco White, Chair

Board Members: Click here for the CVCPB Board Roster