One Paseo Environmental Addendum, March 2016

Submitted by ken on Mon, 03/21/2016 - 17:17

The City of San Diego has posted the latest addendum to the One Paseo Environmental Report on the City website (see: "The New One Paseo Addendum"). This finalizes the environmental information that Kilroy is required to provide and the City is required to post before the project goes to the City Planning Commission and the City Council. It is my understanding that the project will go to the City Planning Commission in late April (possibly April 21, 2016?) and to the San Diego City Council a few weeks later.

This update and proposed approval is for the "New One Paseo" project, which reduces the traffic by about 50% by making the retail and office components significantly smaller, while leaving the residential development unchanged. This is not a perfect solution, as it leaves a large residential development at the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and High Bluff Drive. However, it does significantly reduce traffic and building heights along El Camino Real and at the corner of Del Mar Heights Rd and El Camino Real. It also makes reductions in the amount of street widening and additional turn lanes proposed for the development.

Here are document links for "The New One Paseo Addendum PTS# 451328":